Hullabaloo: Live at Le Zenith, Paris (live)

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Cover art
Hullabaloo promotional poster
Muse live
Name Hullabaloo Live at Le Zénith, Paris
Tracks 20 (World) 21 (Japan)
Total length 130:00 (World)
Recorded 2001
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Thomas Kirk
Art work Barny Bewick, Laurence Stevens / LSD
Catalogue №
  • MUSH105DVD (GB) »
  • GB-E74-020021-0/MUSH105VHS (VHS)
  • 50-50466 8269-2-3 (re-issue)
  • NV43581 (FR)
  • 481.2012.075 (BX)
  • 065 012-9 (DE)
  • MUSH105DVD1 (DVD promo 1)
  • MUSH105DVD2 (DVD promo 2)
Release date 1st July 2002
Chart position Unknown
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Hullabaloo Live at Le Zénith, Paris
Hullabaloo Soundtrack


Hullabaloo: Live at Le Zenith, Paris was the first DVD release by Muse, and was released alongside by the Hullabaloo Soundtrack 2CD live album and B-side compilation. Although an audio recording of "Darkshines" is featured on all copies of the Hullabaloo Soundtrack album, the video footage of this performance is exclusive to the Japanese version of the DVD. Outside Japan the track list progresses straight into "Uno" instead. A guitar version of Sunburn features on the DVD but not on the Hullabaloo Soundtrack CD. However, the piano version features on the Japanese CD only.

The DVD can be streamed online from the official Muse website.


Matt on a interview: "Hullabaloo, the front cover... we were trying to do a mock of 'The Prisioner', is like a kinda of some geezer, I think he's a secret agent he's retired [...] he suddendly wakes up one day, in a strange uncivilized town, he's stuck in [...] he can't escape and everytime he tries to escape a large white balloon is chasing him down the beach. So I think for the album cover we wanted to do like a picture of us, kinda just like about that geezer from 'The Prisioner'.[1]


Promo copies of the DVD were distributed over a month before the release date.[2] All promo DVD-Rs were respectively marked with the words "Documentary" or "(Live Footage)" prior to distribution. The Ukrainian video cassette "Muse: The Movie" features content from the second disc of the DVD.[3]

Track list

Disc 1

  1. Intro - What's He Building? (28th)
  2. Dead Star (28th)
  3. Micro Cuts (29th)
  4. Citizen Erased (28th)
  5. Sunburn (guitar) (28th)
  6. Showbiz (28th)
  7. Megalomania (29th)
  8. Uno (29th)
  9. Screenager (29th)
  10. Feeling Good (29th)
  11. Space Dementia (29th)
  12. In Your World (28th)
  13. Muscle Museum (28th)
  14. Cave (29th)
  15. New Born (29th)
  16. Hyper Music (28th)
  17. Agitated (28th)
  18. Unintended (29th)
  19. Plug In Baby (29th)
  20. Bliss (28th)

JP Disc 1

  1. Intro - What's He Building?
  2. Dead Star
  3. Micro Cuts
  4. Citizen Erased
  5. Sunburn (guitar)
  6. Showbiz
  7. Megalomania
  8. Darkshines (28th)
  9. Uno
  10. Screenager
  11. Feeling Good
  12. Space Dementia
  13. In Your World
  14. Muscle Museum
  15. Cave
  16. New Born
  17. Hyper Music
  18. Agitated
  19. Unintended
  20. Plug In Baby
  21. Bliss

Disc 2

Features 40 minutes of off-stage 'adventures' from the around the world in 2001, accompanied by a 'soundtrack' of b-sides which appear on the first disc of the Hullabaloo Soundtrack album. The electric version of Shine is used during the footage, despite the acoustic version being the one featured on the album.

The gallery contains front-covers and an interactive discography.

Hullabaloo Gallery

Spread Gallery


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  3. Post on Official Ukrainian fanclub forums

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