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11:00 - 16 February 2007

Teignmouth's finest, Muse, are officially the best live British act - and the man who put them on the road to world stardom is so proud. Dennis Smith of Totnes, their former manager, watched his proteges pick up the award at the Brits, live on peak time TV, and declared: "I always said they had staying power."

The group were groomed for success by Dennis, who is still active in the pop world, and in the early days, forecast they would still be at the top when other rated acts were long forgotten.

"I just love saying 'I told you so'. They are a class group of musicians and still have a lot more to do yet.

"Other groups have been the flavour of the month for a time, but are now rarely heard. Whatever happened to the Darkness, for instance? They cleaned up not long ago, but now... A lot of acts around at the moment are more style than substance, and it will be interesting to see if they are still around in a few years.

"Muse, however, are still touring the world to sell-out crowds in huge stadiums, and, of course, will open the new Wembley stadium.

"Their strength has always been live gigs, and like most musicians they just love to play in front of an audience.

"They have always attracted critical acclaim, but top charting record sales have always eluded them, although their albums still sell in millions, and have a long shelf life. This award will hopefully give their CDs a big boost.

"I still keep in touch with the boys, but they are so busy now jetting around the world they do not have much time to themselves.

"They will be around for a lot longer. There have been no fall outs because they are three mates who have been playing together since the age of 13."

The trio, Matt Bellamy, om Howard and Chris Wolstenholme, were nominated for four awards, but will be more than happy to win just one trophy when up against such tough competition. They beat off Robbie Williams in the live act category, which prompted the Daily Mail to described Muse as 'relative unknowns.' Perhaps their showbiz writers have been living in a cave for the last few years.

Muse were picked as the best by Radio 2 listeners, and the choice seemed to bewilder veteran DJ Terry Wogan who warbled on his morning show yesterday: "Muse... who are they? Have we ever played them on Radio 2?"

Millions of fans were probably retorting: "Yes, Terry, many times. Is your memory failing?"

Receiving the gong, Matt quipped: "I'll give it to my mum, she'll like that."

Teignmouth town clerk Dave Tickell thinks the trio, who got together at the local community college, should be honoured in some way.

"We will send our congratulations, but it would be nice to put up a plaque to mark the kudos they have brought to their hometown. Perhaps the public could send in suggestions for a suitable honour."

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