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A simple citation template. With it, there is no need to re-write references when we decide that there are better layouts, or ways to do things.

If a particular citation is used for ~5 pages or more, please write a template for that citation and use that template in pages instead. This makes it easier to update and also makes pages less messy.


Taking the example of

<ref name="mc20041213">
| title = Los Angeles gig - review
| desc = MicroCuts news item
| date = 2004-12-13
| fetch = 2010-12-13
| pub = MicroCuts/Yahoo
| url =
| dom =
| type = ext


  • title is the title of the information cited.
  • desc is a description (by you).
  • date is the date the information was posted.
  • fetch is the date you found the source.
  • auth is the author.
  • pub is the publication. The website name, the magazine name, etc.
  • doc is the page name on MuseWiki.
  • url is the full url to the information.
  • dom is the domain. i.e., everything between :// and the next / in a link.
  • arc is for the archived snapshot of a web page. This will most likely by from the WayBackMachine.
  • med is the medium, e.g. magazine, newspaper, radio etc.
  • type is very important. If it's part of the MuseWiki media archive, then type should be int. If it's a web page, then it should be ext.

When there is a title, the description shall not be used (for now). That does not mean a description should not be added when a title is included, a description definitely should be included. When there is no title, description will be printed instead.

The style in which one should be written, as the case is on here usually, is otherwise de facto.

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