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Bellamy dressing up

According to Kerrang magazine, Matt likes to dress up very much. "As soon as I'm home I'm in costumes, start to finish," Matt begins, probably regretting that he has. "I like to dress up very much, But I don't really do it in public." Why not? "Um," he shudders to a stream of giggles. "The things I like to dress up in are not necessarily that cool." Go on! Chicken suits? Emperor Ming? "I can't I can't!" He wails, hilariously flustered for the first and only time during the interview. "It's all behind closed doors. Closed doors." He leans in, "And I have a very good time, Trust me."

In an interview with American radio station Live 105, he mentions dressing up like a doctor, and then goes on to say 'yeah my girlfriend likes it when i dress up like a doctor'[1]

In live shows, Matt's wardrobe seems to revolve around tight fitting patterned tops and fitted dress shirts, often of dark color.

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