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Chris Wolstenholme Signature model
Status Chris Wolstenholme signature Bass
Manufacturer Status Graphite
Used Blue-LED: (prototype) ?—
Blue-LED: 2012-08-12
White-LED (Turquoise finish): 2012-10-16
Red-LED: 2012-10-16
White-LED (Stealth finish): 2015-07-17 (?)
Microstrip-LED (Blue finish): 2019-05-26
Body type Alder encased in one-piece graphite composite
Neck joint Neck-through
Body covering High gloss lacquer
Wood Alder body, wrapped in a carbon-graphite shell
Bridge Mono-rail bridge units
Electronics Master volume and pickup blend controls
Pickup(s) 2 Status hum-cancelling pickups
Special circuits Treble and bass active E.Q. plus bright switch
Control orientation reversed
Midrange boost circuit
Custom L.E.D. lights in fretboard


This model is custom made for Chris. It's based on the Status S2-Classic, but differs in a few points from his forerunner:

  • The bridge pickups has been moved away from the bridge by 20mm to make the right-hand technique a little more flexible.
  • The neck pickup has also been moved towards the fingerboard by 10mm which makes the tone a little warmer.
  • Volume / pickup balance and bass / treble controls have been reversed when compared to a standard Status bass. This has no effect on the way the controls operate, it's just a personal preference Chris has.
  • A new midrange control has been fitted : this has individual controls for both mid frequency and mid cut / boost. This allows you to pin-point the exact midrange frequency then adjust exactly how much is to be boosted or cut. This midrange control can be pre-set and there is an on/off switch to by-pass it completely.
  • Chris also specified front LEDs as a custom option. His main bass currently has blue LEDs (red, green, amber and white are also available)
  • Black hardware is standard on Chris' basses (gold and chrome are also available)
  • Individual mono-rail bridge units are fitted as standard.

Probably, he first played his custom model at the Olympic Closing Cerenomy. It's unknown, if this model differs from the prototype model, wherefore it's unclear if he used the signature model first-time in 2012 or 2011. At the beginning of the The 2nd Law tour Chris received, according to his tweet, three new custom basses, one of which is the Status Chris Wolstenholme Signature Bass 5-string and two others 4-string custom models. One has white-LED's embedded and a blue finish, the other one has red-LED's and a natural/black finish. The two new basses replaced the walnut and graphite Status S2-Classic basses.


Blue-LED Signature Bass (Graphite Finish)

Blue LED Signature bass

One of the first signature basses Chris recieved.

Chris used to use another blue-LED bass, which was a CW Signature prototype model. Currently, he is only using one.

The bass has first been used in standard tuning, but has also been used between 2013 and 2016 in Drop D and once in standard (at Krakow Live festival 2016). It's currently used in the half step down tuning.


Songs used for

(Songs played before 2011 with the prototype model are also included)

White-LED Signature Bass (Aqua Blue Graphite Finish)

White LED Signature bass

Most of the time, this bass is used for songs which are in standard tuning. On one occasion, the bass was used for Hyper Music, which is in Drop D, and during The Drones 360 Tour in 2016, he sometimes used it in Drop C on Map of the Problematique, together with the graphite finish red-LED bass aswell as Drop D on a few occasions.


Songs used for

Red-LED Signature Bass (Graphite Finish)

Red LED Signature bass

This bass is primarily used as a half-step down bass. Additionally, it was also used as a "Drop" bass when he didn't have the woven chrome bass yet.


Songs used for

TriColor-LED Signature Bass (Woven Chrome Finish)

Tri-Color Woven Chrome Graphite bass

Marked in Chris's bass rack simply as "Drop", it's not set in one tuning but it's tuned throughout the show by Chris's tech according to the songs in the set (mostly used in Drop D or C). It replaced the graphite finish red-LED bass in this role and has become one of Chris's most used basses, together with the Aqua Blue White-LED one.

It was also used in standard tuning quite in 2016. Additionally, it was used in both standard and half-step down tunings for the X Factor Italy finals performance in 2018.


Songs used for

White-LED Signature Bass (Stealth Finish)

White LED Stealth Signature Bass

This bass was presuambly first used at the Vieilles Charrues Festival 2015.

The bass features a white-LED fretboard, but unlike the other white-LED bass this one has the matte black stealth finish. It's only been used on this gig so far and has likely been abandoned from live use.


Songs used for

LED Microstrip Signature Bass (Indigo Blue Satin Finish)

The Lighting Bass

Also known as "The Lighting Bass"[1]

First used at the Prague gig on 26th of May during the Simulation Theory Tour, the bass differs from other basses in that it's fully covered with LED microstrip lighting integrated into the body and the neck. It's presumably based around the Aqua Blue Graphite bass, which was previously used on the songs he's now using this bass on.


Songs used for

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