Buenos Aires Teatro Gran Rex 2008 - 24th (gig)

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The setlist
Muse show
Venue Teatro Gran Rex[1]
Date 24th July 2008[1]
Location Buenos Aires[1]
Country Argentina
Songs 15[source?]
Support -[source?]
Start (UTC-3) 21:30[2]
Capacity 3,300[3]
Price (ARS)
  • 60.00–300.00[2] »
  • 280.00 (silverplates from row 1 to 15)[2]
  • 250.00 (silverplates from row 16 to 20)[2]
  • 220.00 (silverplates from row 21 - 25)[2]
  • 210.00 (silverplates from row 26 - 28)[2]
  • 210.00 (super pullman row 1 to 4)[2]
  • 180.00 (super pullman row 5 to 10)[2]
  • 150.00 (pullman row 1 to 7)[2]
  • 120.00 (pullman row 8 to 13)[2]
  • 90.00 (pullman row 14 to 19)[2]
Sold out? Yes (except the 280 ARS tickets)[2]

Matthew Bellamy first mentioned two possible South American concerts in an interview with Virgin Radio host Ben Jones, broadcast 2008-02-18.[4] This concert was announced first via a Muse website news post.[1] Pre-sale started on the day of announcement, the 23rd of May at 14:00, while general sale started on the 26th of May.[5]

This was the last known performance of Apocalypse Please until 2015, at Webster Hall, in New York.

Space Dementia was not on the original setlist. This song was played after that a man in the crowd had shouted "Space Dementia !".

Invincible was played half a step down.


After Knights of Cydonia Bellamy "Buenas noches Buenos Aires"
After Hysteria "Gracias!"
Howard "Buenas noches. It's great to be here... again"
Bellamy (after Howard drums along to the crowd's chants) "We should just watch you"
After Maggie's Farm Howard "Yes!"
After Supermassive Black Hole "Muchas gracias"
Bellamy "Thank you very much"
After Fury
After Apocalypse Please Crowd man "Space Dementia !"
Bellamy "Want that?"
Crowd (Shouting)
Bellamy "Oh, alright we'll play that"
After Invincible "Thank you very much"
After Starlight
Before Stockholm Syndrome Howard "Argentina, [speaks in Spanish]"
After Take a Bow Bellamy "Gracias Buenos Aires!"
Howard "You guys rock Buenos Aires! You guys are fucking cool! See you next time, cheers"



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