Bogotá Palacio de los Deportes 2008 (gig)

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Gig announcement
Concert Ticket
Back-stage pass
Schedule sheet
Muse show
Venue Palacio de los Deportes[1]
Date 20th July 2008[1]
Location Bogotá[1][2]
Country Colombia
Songs 15[3]
Support The Hall Effect[4]
Start 20:00, 19:00 (support)[source?], 15:00[source?] (doors)
Capacity Unknown
Price (COP) 122,000–233,000[4]
Sold out? Unknown

First Muse gig in Colombia.

One of the South American gigs first mentioned by Matthew Bellamy in an interview with Virgin Radio host Ben Jones, broadcast 2008-02-18.[5] Rumours started in May 2008 that Muse would play in Bogotá, with some websites specifying the 5th of August.[6] According to Colombian news website ELTIEMPO, an Evenpro spokesperson gave assurance that Muse would perform in Bogotá during August.[2] The Muse website confirmed this date and the pre-sale info on the 30th of May.[1]

At some point during the show[when?], Matthew Bellamy and Dominic Howard brought two Colombian flags on stage, putting them onto the bass drum [watch].


After Supermassive Black Hole Howard "¡Gracias, Bogotá! [en: Thank you, Bogotá!] Thank you."
After Dead Star Bellamy "¡Gracias! [en: Thank you!]"
After Feeling Good Bellamy "Thank you very much, cheers, thank you!"
Before Sunburn Bellamy "This is a very old song, [the] first song from our first album ... anyone remember?"[verify this]
Before Starlight Howard "Muchas gracias, Bogotá [en: Many thanks, Bogotá]".

"It`s good to meet you tonight.[verify this] It`s nice to see you."[who?][verify this]

After Time Is Running Out Bellamy "Muchas gracias! Gracias, gracias por venir! [en: Many thanks, thanks, thanks for coming!]"
After Encore Bellamy and Howard "¡Feliz día de la Independencia! [Happy independence day!]"
Before Soldier's Poem Howard "Para esta canción... les pedimos sus encendedores y ... celulares [en: For this song we ask you to use your lighters and mobile phones]".
After Knights of Cydonia Bellamy "¡Gracias, Bogotá! [en: Thank you, Bogotá!]"
Howard "We love you everybody! Nos vemos [en: See you]".

"You guys really rock! See you next time. Take care. Cheers".[who?][verify this]



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