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A list of posts to the official Muse web site.

27th October 2000

Thank you to all the people who turned up to see us in Japan, it has been the most fun tour we have ever done! .......

10th September 2000

just finished our 49th festival or something, probably our biggest tooo, about 60,000 people in italy goind mental, that was a surprise, as was the austrian one, good to do a few gigs with the deftones.

31st August 2000

reading, holland, ireland and leeds... leeds was our last gig in UK untill next year, as was the holland gig for holland. leeds was really amazing for me, a realisation of a large mileage, so.. who got my 600 pound guitar then? i meant for it to float around the crowd for a bit to getsomeintereseting sounds (ahem)." "the website is being re-designed - will be up within a few weeks hopefully...". "nice... well, reading was wierd, all sorts of technical problems.. but we had a laugh including a surprise visit from 2 old friends dressed as coppers with MUSE gaffa taped to their arse! that was funny, thanx to everyone in the crowd, sorry if you got crushed or couldn`t see very well, but that is usually the way in that tent.

22nd August 2000

thanks alot to all the people who turned up to see us in the last few german festivals.. we had a great time, ... rock am see will be our last gig in germany this year

20th August 2000

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14th August 2000

wow! that was fucked... we just did that ONE BIG SUNDAY thing for radio one... what a farce! we turned up only to be told we had to mime, so we said no...then they said that mansun and JJ72 were miming, so we had to... well, i said, at least let me do the vocal live and they said ok... but! when we went onstage there was none (i mean absolute zero) vocal monitor, and it was so sudden we didn`t even have our instruments, so dom ended up on some strangers bass whilst chris decided to batter texas` drums and i had no guitar at all! and to top it off, when i battered one of their mikes they cut off the backing track and then started it again... basically it couldn`t have been more comical and disastrous, so we said fuck that and left before we were supposed to play another song... apologies to anyone who was expecting more than one song! cheers.

9th August 2000

hello, this is matthew bellamy... i will be using this space to do basic updates untill our new website appears. we have just got back from 2 amazing gigs in japan (summersonic festival) and it was strange to see twelve thousand people going mental at 10:30 am !!!

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