1997 demo (demo)

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Muse demo
Name Untitled
Tracks 5
Total length Unknown
Recorded 1997
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Muse
Publisher Unknown
Format(s) Cassette
demo chronology
1997 Sawmills demo
1998 Sawmills demo


Either an untitled demo or a demo with an unknown title, a copy of it was appended to a radio recording of Muse's 1997 Soundwaves Festival performance and distributed in tape form shortly after said performance.[1] Through this information, we know that the demo was recorded by "shortly after"[1] the 15th August 1997 Soundwaves performance, thus it was recorded in 1997 or earlier.

A digital copy of the tape was released in September 2009, after the tape had become lost in the post. A digital copy had originally been intended to be made in the same manner as that of the Newton Abbot demo, after Andrew 'a-loonatic' Stone was impressed by the community organisation through which the latter was made possible. The tape was sent via Royal Mail to paul_nicko, but never arrived. After waiting for some time for the tape to be recovered, Michael Stone decided to upload his mp3 copy to paul_nicko's server, in order for it to be enhanced by Paul and then released.

The demo is unmastered and appears to be a raw studio recording, still including talk between the band and and a false start on "Showbiz" after Dominic Howard's drumstick breaks, though the "Do We Need This" demo seems to be an unmastered version of the one that got released.

Track list

  1. Do We Need This
  2. Spiral Static
  3. Hate This & I'll Love You
  4. Showbiz
  5. Plug In Baby[2]


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