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This is a chronological list of all the songs Muse have played live or recorded. For an alphabetical list, visit this page. For a list of all Muse tracks, see this page.

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The Resistance era

The Resistance cover art.jpg


Song name Type
1 Uprising Song
2 Resistance Song
3 Undisclosed Desires Song
4 United States of Eurasia Song
5 Guiding Light Song
6 Unnatural Selection Song
8 I Belong to You Song
9 Exogenesis: Symphony Part I (Overture) Song
10 Exogenesis: Symphony Part II (Cross Pollination) Song
11 Exogenesis: Symphony Part III (Redemption) Song
- Collateral Damage Outro; cover
- Mon Cœur S'ouvre À Ta Voix Interlude; cover
- Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) Song; non-album
- Who Knows Who B side; collaboration
- Popcorn B side; cover
- Prague B side; cover


Song name Type
- America Cover
- Back in Black Cover; collaboration
- Where the Streets Have No Name Cover; collaboration
- Helsinki Jam Riff
- MK Jam Riff
- Bored Cover; riff
- Endless Nameless Cover; riff
- Enter Sandman Cover; riff
- L'Arena Cover; riff
- My Own Summer (Shove It) Cover; riff
- Negative Creep Cover; riff
- Peter Gunn Theme Cover; riff
- School Cover; riff
- Testify Cover; riff
- Undone – The Sweater Song Cover; riff
- YYZ Cover; riff
- We Are the Universe Intro

Black Holes and Revelations era


Black Holes and Revelations cover art.jpg
Song name Type
1 Take a Bow Song
2 Starlight Song
3 Supermassive Black Hole Song
4 Map of the Problematique Song
5 Soldier's Poem Song
6 Invincible Song
7 Assassin Song
8 Exo-Politics Song
9 City of Delusion Song
10 Hoodoo Song
11 Knights of Cydonia Song
- Glorious B side; bonus track
- Crying Shame B side
- Easily B side
- Hidden Track B side
- Man of Mystery Cover; non-album
- Soaked Demo
- Who Knows Who Demo; collaboration


Song name Type
- United States of Eurasia Demo; intro
- Dance of the Knights Intro; instrumental
- John F Kennedy speech intro
- Close Encounters Riff
- Kaoss Jam Riff
- Adagio in G minor Cover; riff
- Asturias Cover; riff
- Blue Valentine Cover; riff
- Bombtrack Cover; riff
- Burning Bridges Cover; riff
- Études Simples № 6 Cover; riff
- Hangar 18 Cover; riff
- Headup Cover; riff
- I Want to Break Free Cover; instrumental
- Killing in the Name Cover; riff
- Man with a Harmonica Cover; intro
- Microphone Fiend Cover; riff
- Misirlou Twist Cover; riff
- Laura Palmer's Theme Cover; interlude
- People of the Sun Cover; riff
- The Star-Spangled Banner Cover; riff
- Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Cover; riff
- War Within a Breath Cover; riff
- Whole Lotta Love Cover; riff

Absolution era


Song name Type
1 Intro Intro
2 Apocalypse Please Song
3 Time Is Running Out Song
4 Sing for Absolution Song
5 Stockholm Syndrome Song
6 Falling Away With You Song
7 Interlude Song; instrumental
8 Hysteria Song
9 Blackout Song
10 Butterflies and Hurricanes Song
11 The Small Print Song
12 Endlessly Song
13 Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Song
14 Ruled by Secrecy Song
- Fury B side; bonus track
- The Groove B side
- Eternally Missed B side


Song name Type
- Glorious Demo
- Crying Shame Demo
- Assassin Demo
- Exo-Politics Demo
- Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) Outro
- Take a Bow Instrumental; demo
- Dracula Mountain Cover
- Adagio sostenuto Cover; intro
- Maggie's Farm Cover; outro
- Heartbreaker Cover; intro
- People of the Sun Cover; intro
- Township Rebellion Cover; outro
- Whole Lotta Love Cover; intro

Hullabaloo era


Hullabaloo Soundtrack.jpg
Song name Type
- Dead Star Song
- In Your World Song
- Can't Take My Eyes Off You Song; cover
- House of the Rising Sun Non-album; cover


Song name Type
1 What's He Building? Intro
- Eternally Missed Demo
- Stockholm Syndrome Instrumental; demo
- Falling Away With You Instrumental; demo
- Entrance of the Gladiators Cover; riff

Origin of Symmetry era


Origin of Symmetry cover art.jpg
Song name Type
1 New Born Song
2 Bliss Song
3 Space Dementia Song
4 Hyper Music Song
5 Plug In Baby Song
6 Citizen Erased Song
7 Micro Cuts Song
8 Screenager Song
9 Darkshines Song
10 Feeling Good Song; cover
11 Megalomania Song
- Futurism B side; bonus track
- Nature_1 B side
- Execution Commentary B side
- Bedroom Acoustics B side; instrumental
- Shrinking Universe B side
- Piano Thing B side; instrumental
- Map of Your Head B side
- The Gallery B side; instrumental
- Hyper Chondriac Music B side
- Shine B side
- Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want B side; cover


Song name Type
- Apocalypse Please Demo
- Hysteria Demo
- The Small Print Demo
- Eternally Missed Demo
- Fury Demo
- Stockholm Syndrome Demo, instrumental
- Falling Away With You Demo, instrumental
- Freedom Cover; riff
- Jimmy Jam Riff
- Bulls on Parade Cover; riff
- Entrance of the Gladiators Cover; riff
- How I Could Just Kill a Man Cover; riff
- Ocean Étude Op. 25, № 12 Cover; intro
- Power of Soul Cover; riff
- Prelude in B flat Cover; intro
- Prelude in C sharp minor Cover; intro
- Prelude in G minor Cover; intro
- Revolver Cover; riff

Showbiz era


Showbiz cover art.jpg
Song name Type
1 Sunburn Song
2 Muscle Museum Song
3 Fillip Song
4 Falling Down Song
5 Cave Song
6 Showbiz Song
7 Unintended Song
8 Uno Song
9 Sober Song
10 Escape Song
11 Overdue Song
12 Hate this & I'll Love You Song
- Spiral Static B side; bonus track
- Jimmy Kane B side
- Forced In B side
- Pink Ego Box B side
- Do We Need This? B side
- Agitated B side
- Twin B side
- Host B side
- Coma B side
- Con-Science B side
- Minimum B side; instrumental
- Ashamed B side
- Yes Please B side
- Recess B side
- Nishe B side; instrumental
- Sunburn Demo
- Overdue Demo


Song name Type
- New Born Demo
- Bliss Demo
- Hyper Music Demo
- Plug In Baby Demo
- Screenager Demo
- Darkshines Demo
- Feeling Good Demo
- Futurism Demo
- Nature_1 Demo
- Shrinking Universe Demo
- Fury Demo, instrumental
- Drum and Bass Riff
- Pre-Sunburn riff Riff

EP era


Muse EP.jpg
Song name Type
1 Overdue Song
2 Cave Song
3 Coma Song
4 Escape Song
1 Muscle Museum Song
2 Sober Song
3 Uno Song
4 Unintended Song
5 Instant Messenger Song
6 (Muscle Museum)#2 Outro

Demo era


Demo I.jpg
Song name Type
1 Backdoor Demo
2 Sling Demo
3 Feed Demo
4 Jigsaw Memory Demo
1 Falling With the Crowd Demo
2 Agitated Demo
3 Coma Demo
4 Balloonatic Demo; Non-album
5 Forameus Demo
6 Boredom Demo
7 Crazy Days Demo
8 Sober Demo
9 Jimmy Kane Demo
10 Rain Demo
11 Ashamed Demo
- Execution Commentary Demo; outro
1 Do We Need This Demo
2 Spiral Static Demo
3 Hate this & I'll Love You Demo
4 Showbiz Demo
5 Plug In Baby Demo


Song name Type
- Fashionless Demo
- Who Knows, Who Cares Demo
- A Turn to Stone Demo
- Cut Me Down Demo
- Emotion Coming Demo
- Pointless Loss Demo
- Small Minded Demo
- Weakening Walls Demo
- Yellow Regret Demo
- tourette's Cover
- Host Demo
- Cave Demo
- Muscle Museum Demo
- Escape Demo
- Instant Messenger Demo
- Fillip Demo
- Nature_1 Demo
- Overdue Demo

Unknown songs

In the Warner/Chappell song catalogue a number of song copyrighted to Matt Bellamy are listed, alongside early names for now-release songs, the identities of which are currently unknown. These songs are entitled:

  • Amusement
  • A Study In Pomposity
  • Blues Music
  • Buss
  • Disco
  • Drum and Bass (possibly Osaka Jam or Helsinki Jam)
  • Feeling
  • I Just Wanna Leave (feat. Stephen "Professor Green" Manderson)
  • Insomnia
  • Largo Winch Just Cause/eine
  • Muse
  • My Desire
  • Nothing's Wrong
  • Russian Music
  • Sammy K
  • Spiders And Snakes
  • This Is The Life