Emotion Coming (song)

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Muse song
Name Emotion Coming
Album/single -
Length 3:32
Alternative titles -
First live performance 1994
Latest live performance Unknown
Recorded -
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer -


A punk-inspired early song that Muse played during battle of the bands contests. In April 2009, a video of Muse playing "Emotion Coming", at a Battle of the Bands contest in Torquay in 1994, was uploaded on YouTube.[1] According to Niall, Sam Sparrow showed the video of the gig to Chris Wolstenholme and asked about of names of the songs played at the gig, which he still remembered.[2]


I only wish that it was sunny

Friends are all we've got to call And I just swig my bottle As I've got nowhere left to go

I just wanna be Spend some time on my own

Oh I wished that it was sunny And I fell as I dropped out An' I judge you by your future Hope that drives and can't turn down

I just wanna be Spend some time on my own


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