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Muse song
Name Dead Star
Album/single Dead Star/In Your World (1), In Your World/Dead Star (2), Dead Star/In Your World vinyl (1), Dead Star EP (1), Hullabaloo Soundtrack (11)
Length 3:42
Alternative titles -
First live performance 4th October 2001
Latest live performance 6th February 2010 (full), 26th September 2010 (riff)
Recorded 2002
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer John Cornfield, Muse
Chart position 13 (UK)


Part of the double A-side single with "In Your World" released in 2002 as a stop-gap between albums. Played sometimes during the tour promoting Absolution including at Earls Court on the 19th.

Contains metal influences, with a repetitive bass-line that the guitar mimics. The lyrics and melody are extremely distorted, with strange twisted snarls between. Like many of Muse's earlier work, the respiratory noises have been left in (as in "New Born").

Additional information

"Dead Star" was written alongside "In Your World" shortly after the September 11th attacks in America.


"I sort of got into that kind of thing, looking into space and all that - bit embarrassing, really. I'm a bit of a Star Trek fan in secret, but don't tell anyone (laughs). The song is about, let me think, it kind of how everyone reacted to the 11 September thing. We were in Boston at the time, we got stuck there, and that's when we recorded those songs. So, in some ways, the lyrics are a little bit about the hysteria around that time and how people were really quick to point fingers at everyone else when they should have pointed fingers at themselves."

At 0:07 in the song, just as the drums kick in, one of the band members (more than likely Matt) can be heard whooping.


When played live in 2001, before the cd recording & release, the songs verses were mellow, with Matt playing chord arpeggios on a clean guitar setting, Chris playing the main riff on a clean setting & Dom playing a simple beat using the ride cymbal & snare. On the cd version, the verses have a heavier attack, featuring thumping drums played on the floor toms & distorted bass playing along with this beat. Matt also plays the same arpeggiated chords heard before, but with distortion & delay effects.

Dead Star was played regularly between 2001-10-04 and the last 2002 gig - Carling Weekend, Leeds. It was played occasionally between 2003-2004, the last performance of which was at Earls Court, 2004-12-19. The solo started to be played an octave higher compared to on record and previously live, with the Carling Weekend 2002 dates.

On its return on the 16th July 2008 for the South American Tour, however, the solo was back to its previous pitch. Also with the return came a new synth part, played by Morgan Nicholls throughout the verses and that replaced the guitar part & Chris shouting the chorus.[1]


Shame on you
For thinking
You're an exception
We're all to blame
Crashing down to Earth
Wasting and burning out yeah
Fading like a dead star, woah woah
Harm is coming your way
Yeah it's coming your way

You used to be everything to me
And now you're tired of fighting
Tired of fighting, 
Fighting yourself

Shame on you
For thinking
You're all alone
If you want I'll make you wish you were
Failing to impress
Why can't you sleep with
Someone who'll protect you, yeah
Harm is coming your way
Yeah it's coming your way

You used to be everything to me
And now you're tired of fighting
Tired of fighting, of fighting yourself
Yourself, yourself, yourself

Fighting yourself, fighting yourself, fighting


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