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Those were the days! :)


My name is Tom - (MuseTom here on musewiki, raceracer at muselive, Tom at Muse Collectors).

I've been contributing to the MuseWiki project with some early muse days information, and I thought it would be polite to introduce myself.

I'm an avid Muse Collector and archivist. I'm interested in finding out about the early days of muse as they played all over devon, I have uncovered a Muse gig in 95 which was about 5 miles away from where i live - and i'm always looking for information about the many others.

My remote claim to fame is that I was in briefly line to create the official Muse website in 2000, before the label hired a company called non-plane to create muse-official.

Hope my additions are up to spec, I'm a web developer by trade so i'm pretty sure im following the wiki guidlines and adding references correctly and such.

Thankyou to everyone for creating this great resource!

Muse gigs i've attended:

  • 2001
  • Secret Exeter Cavern Gig (at lemon grove venue)
  • Bristol Colston Hall
  • Plymouth Pavillions
  • 2003
  • Exeter Westpoint home coming

I like small gigs and havent caught them at a festival yet...

Muse Collectors

I am the author of a small but growing Muse website which I hope can stand hand in hand with this website - called Muse Collectors. It is an interactive Muse discography & archive with a great community. We focus on helping collectors catalog their items, and discover new ones. I'm interested in flowing information between the two projects. I am sure that this site and my discography site will happily exists side by side, truly complimenting each other.

My Muse Collection

Take a look at my Muse collection

Thanks for reading, feel free to chat on my talk page, or get in touch on Muse Collectors.