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                                       ORIGIN OF MUSE - SHOWBIZ (DEMO FULL ALBUM) 
                                                      WATCH HERE 


Well, my real name is Haritz, i'm from a city called Pamplona/Iruña, in the north of Spain. I preffer to denominate me as Basque (but to avoid problems... Spanish) meh, nevermind.

Creator of the website AllMuseLives, part of the Musewiki Database project, and master of bootlegs 🔥 (with more than 500). English isn't my mother tongue, so if there are some mistakes, be comprehensive, I'm trying my best.

My Muse history

The first time I listened to Muse was on september/october of 2006. The song Supermassive Black Hole, appearing in FIFA07 videogame. Months later I listened to the second Muse song, and it was surprisingly Easily. Due to a coincidence, I was searching a Red Hot Chili Peppers song with same name, and et voilà.

Years later, in 2009 my father recomended me the Absolution album. I fell in love with the first listening, specially with Apocalypse Please, Sing for Absolution, Stockholm Syndrome and Butterflies & Hurricanes. He knew I liked it a lot, so I had a special christmas present, the Muse new album on that year, The Resistance

I've been listening non-stop both The Resistance and Absolution through 2010, and in 2011 I decided to listen more songs and albums from Muse. That year made me becoming a great Muse fan. I also fell in love with whole Origin of Symmetry and some Showbiz songs (speacially Sunburn, Muscle Museum, Showbiz and Unintended). And more lately Black Holes and Revelations and the ton of b-sides. Ironically the last album I discover from them is the album where's the first song I listen to (lol).

And it becomes the era I'm today. In 2012 The 2nd Law went out, making the decission of 'I need to see this band live'. And that dream comes true in 2013. I was so lucky, I win the tickets in a lottery only a week before the show. And after that I started hardly in the fanbase (more likely in later 2013 and 2014), and until now. With Drones out I've seen them 4 TIMES in one year! (seen 4, hear 1 xD).


# Date Venue Location
5 2016-07-16 Festival Internacional de Benicàssim Benicàssim, Spain
4 2016-05-06 Barclaycard Center Madrid, Spain*
3 2016-05-05 Barclaycard Center Madrid, Spain
2 2015-07-11 Bilbao BBK Live Bilbao, Spain
1 2013-06-07 Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys Barcelona, Spain
  • The 2nd gig from Madrid I was outside the arena, only listening to it.
  • My favourite concert was (without any doubt) the Bilbao 2015 one. But the 2013 one was probably more emotive (due being my first Muse concert)

Top albums / songs

Favourite albums;

# Album Seen live
7 The 2nd Law 8/13
6 The Resistance 5/11
5 Drones 9/12
4 Black Holes & Revelations 5/11
3 Showbiz 1/12
2 Absolution 7/14
1 Origin of Symmetry 4/11

My top, every song:

# Song Album Points
126 Save Me The 2nd Law
125 Who Knows Who B-sides
124 Intro Absolution
123 Drill Sergeant Drones
122 You Fucking Motherfucker B-sides
121 Coma B-sides
120 JFK Drones
119 Prelude The 2nd Law
118 Interlude Absolution
117 Bedroom Acoustics B-sides
116 Piano Thing B-sides
115 Popcorn B-sides
114 Jimmy Kane Hullabaloo
113 Execution Commentary B-sides
112 The Gallery Hullabaloo
111 Shine (Acoustic) Hullabaloo
110 New Kind of Kick New Kind of Kick
109 Pink Ego Box B-sides
108 Forced In Hullabaloo
107 Explorers The 2nd Law
106 Drones Drones
105 Can't Take My Eyes off You B-sides
104 Overdue Showbiz
103 Do We Need This? B-sides
102 Guiding Light The Resistance
101 Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) Neutron Star Collision
100 Dig Down Dig Down
99 Minimum B-sides
98 Nishe B-sides
97 Undisclosed Desires The Resistance
96 Big Freeze The 2nd Law
95 Invincible Black Holes & Revelations
94 Map of Your Head Hullabaloo
93 I Belong to You The Resistance
92 Revolt Drones
91 Sober Showbiz
90 House of the Rising Sun B-sides
89 Unsustainable The 2nd Law
88 Soldier's Poem Black Holes & Revelations
87 Soaked Soaked
86 Falling Down Showbiz
85 Prague B-sides
84 Crying Shame B-sides
83 Fillip Showbiz
82 Follow Me The 2nd Law
81 Aftermath Drones
80 Madness The 2nd Law
79 Hate This & I'll Love You Showbiz
78 Starlight Black Holes & Revelations
77 Exogenesis Part II Cross-Pollination The Resistance
76 Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Absolution
75 Ashamed Hullabaloo
74 Twin B-sides
73 Time is Running Out Absolution
72 Uprising The Resistance
71 Mercy Drones
70 Recess Hullabaloo
69 Isolated System The 2nd Law
68 Hoodoo Black Holes & Revelations
67 Unintended Showbiz
66 Hysteria Absolution
65 Feeling Good Origin of Symmetry
64 Yes Please Hullabaloo
63 Agitated B-sides
62 Endlessly Absolution
61 Psycho Drones
60 Nature_1 Hullabaloo
59 Panic Station The 2nd Law
58 Resistance The Resistance
57 Exo-Politics Black Holes & Revelations
56 Defector Drones
55 Escape Showbiz
54 Blackout Absolution
53 Screenager Origin of Symmetry
52 Liquid State The 2nd Law
51 Cave Showbiz
50 Exogenesis Part III Redemption The Resistance
49 Knights of Cydonia Black Holes & Revelations
48 Falling Away With You Absolution
47 The Groove B-sides
46 Eternally Missed B-sides
45 MK Ultra The Resistance
44 Animals The 2nd Law
43 Supermassive Black Hole Black Holes & Revelations
42 Dead Inside Drones
41 The Globalist Drones
40 In Your World Dead Star - In Your World EP
39 Sing for Absolution Absolution
38 Shrinking Universe Hullabaloo
37 Con-Science B-sides
36 United States of Eurasia The Resistance
35 Reapers Drones
34 Supremacy The 2nd Law
33 New Born Origin of Symmetry
32 Exogenesis Part I Overture The Resistance
31 Spiral Static Showbiz
30 Futurism Origin of Symmetry
29 Megalomania Origin of Symmetry
28 City of Delusion Black Holes & Revelations
27 Survival The 2nd Law
26 The Small Print Absolution
25 Take a Bow Black Holes & Revelations 1
24 Space Dementia Origin of Symmetry 2
23 Unnatural Selection The Resistance 3
22 Host B-sides 4
21 Hyper (Chondriac) Music Origin of Symmetry 5
20 Plug in Baby Origin of Symmetry 6
19 Sunburn Showbiz 7
18 Easily B-sides 8
17 Glorious Black Holes & Revelations 9
16 Ruled by Secrecy Absolution 10
15 Uno Showbiz 11
14 Butterflies & Hurricanes Absolution 12
13 Apocalypse Please Absolution 13
12 Assassin Black Holes & Revelations 14
11 Fury Absolution 15
10 Dead Star Dead Star - In Your World EP 16
9 Darkshines Origin of Symmetry 17
8 Micro Cuts Origin of Symmetry 18
7 Map of the Problematique Black Holes & Revelations 19
6 The Handler Drones 20
5 Muscle Museum Showbiz 21
4 Stockholm Syndrome Absolution 22
3 Bliss Origin of Symmetry 23
2 Showbiz Showbiz 24
1 Citizen Erased Origin of Symmetry 25

Side projects and others