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I play guitar, piano, bass and a bit of Uke. I mostly edit the gear pages

Guitars I own:

-Yamaha Pacifica

-Fernandes Nomad

-Yamaha SC800

-Tanglewood Discovery electro-acoustic

-Modded Fender Mexican Strat

-Fender Telecaster Thinline Deluxe

-1972 Shaftesbury Les Paul

-Ural Ypan

-Stagg Classical Guitar

Keyboards I own:

-Yamaha P85

-Micro Korg

-Casio CZ-101

Effects pedals I use:

-Line 6 DL4

-Z.Vex Fuzz Factory

-Hardwire Supernatural

-Mooer Yellow Comp

-Keeley Compressor Pro

-Strymon Timeline

-Electro Harmonix Soul Food

-Way Huge Swollen Pickle

-Dwarfcraft Robot Devil

-Digitech Space Station

-Electro Harmonix POG2

-Boss DM-2

-Joyo Tremolo

-Earthquaker Devices Talons

-Boss SD-1

-Korg Pitchblack

-Digitech Whammy IV

-Boss FV500-H Volume

-Electro-Harmonx LB-1

-TC Electronic Vortext

-Electro-Harmonix Small Stone

-Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah

-BYOC FET Preamp

-Walrus Audio Phoenix


-Korg Kaossilator

Gigs Attended:

Wembley Stadium 11/09/10

Reading Festival 28/08/11

Itunes Festival 30/09/12

O2 Arena 27/10/12

Emirates Stadium 25/05/13

Emirates Stadium 26/05/13

Horse Guard's Parade 02/06/13

Coachella Weekend 1 12/04/14

Brigton Dome 23/03/15

Electric Ballroom 11/09/15

O2 Arena 11/04/16

Songs I've seen Live:



-Falling Down


-Unintended X2

Origin of Symmetry

-New Born X4

-Bliss X4

-Space Dementia

-Hyper Music

-Plug in Baby X9

-Citizen Erased X3

-Micro Cuts



-Feeling Good X3


Dead Star/In Your World

-Dead Star


-Time is Running Out X11

-Stockholm Syndrome X7

-Interlude X7

-Hysteria X7

-Blackout X2

-Butterflies and Hurricanes X2

-Ruled by Secrecy

Black Holes and Revelations

-Take a Bow

-Starlight X10

-Supermassive Black Hole X10

-Map of the Problematique X5

-Knights of Cydonia X11

The Resistance

-Uprising X11

-Resistance X6

-Undisclosed Desires X6

-United States of Eurasia X2

-Guiding Light X3

-Unnatural Selection


-Exogenesis Symphony Part 1.

The 2nd Law

-Supremecy X6

-Madness X7

-Panic Station X4


-Survival X4

-Follow Me X5

-Animals X6


-Save Me

-Liquid State X3

-The 2nd Law: Unsustainable X4

-The 2nd Law: Isolated System X6


-Psycho X3

-Reapers X3

-Dead Inside X3

-Mercy X2

-The Handler X2


-The Globalist

-Drones X2




-Agitated X2

-The Groove

-Execution Commentary


-Lithium - Nirvana