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This is a webpage salvaged from the now-inactive fansite 'Showbiznet'.

Torquay Riviera Centre 21st June 2000

The day that MUSE came home!

What a day! June 21st 2000 Torquay Riviera centre Muse came home in style. The support band, Soulwax opened the whole gig with their retro suits and flashing microphones stands, which complimented their pop/punk styleee. Songs such as conversation intercom and Much Against everyones advice stuck out as crowd pleasers. Also the hilarious "everybody, soulwax back allright" followed by a song dedicated to a CASIO guitar/keyboard C.A.S.I.O(parody of D.I.S.C.O) had the MUSE audience laughin'( see we aren't all miserable bastards!)

With the tension rising MUSE make an.undecidedably average entrance but Began with the sounds of NEW BORN. The whole audience where so caught up in the greatness of the whole experience that details were easy to miss. I can safely say that Matt's voice was amazing ( has it ever been anything less?) and surprisingly he couldn't wipe a smile off of his thin, boney and usually miserable face. He assured us all that it was the best show he had done in "fuckin' ages" ( he wasn't wrong) to which the crowd cheered and jumped around some more.

The new songs are sounding fantastic especially their cover of Nina Simone's FEELING GOOD. The jazzy music fitting the 3 lads perfectly but obviously they have added their own speacial 'MUSE' touch to the whole affair. It can' t go without saying that, although the new songs are lookin' good, the old ones get better and better everytime they play them, the powerful MUSCLE MUSEUM got us all bouncin' and I we didn't stop until the beautiful UNINTENDED, at which point we stopped, swayed a bit then got back to bouncin with tunes such as CAVE and SUNBURN.

The whole event ended with an unforgetable rendition of SHOWBIZ. I unfortunately missed part of the song as I was kicked full on in the face and proceeded to fall into the passionate crowds, after being trod on and kicked plenty more I was finally hauled up by a mate just in time to see the infamous "MUSE" ending. Chris Wolstenholm threw himself into the open arms of the audience still clutching his bass. He managed to haul himself back onto the stage to play the final chords followed by a deep, heart stopping riff whilst Matt savagely beat his guitar on an amp. Then Chris and Matt both sent their guitars flying into the drum kit narrowly missing Dom who proceeds to scramble over the debris as they all leave the stage to the fading sound of distortion and screams of encore from the crowd. But with an exit like that how could they return! High in MUSEYNESS people flooded from the venue unable to explain what had just happened. MUSE came home and they' ve never been better!

The above review was written by Hannah Palmer (thanks very much!!)

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