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Song Programme/film Description
Supremacy NFL - Week 8: Green Bay Packers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Guitar Solo used when going to commercials
Match of the Day 17 November 2012, Arsenal v Tottenham
Tour de France 2013 - ITV Coverage Used in outro montage of day 21
Tosh.0 Advert on Comedy Central (UK)
The Voice Background music for BBC 1 advert (UK)
Duck Dynasty Advert on History Channel (UK)
Madness "Muse - Make The Connection" adverts - watch Used as the background music.
The Project (Channel 10, Australia) Used during a segment (December 2012)
Official song of NCAA March Madness Watch the Official ad here
Saturday Night Live, season 38 episode 3 (6/10/12) Muse performed
Criminal Minds Season 8, Episode 15 "Broken"
Panic Station NFL - Week 10: Baltimore Ravens vs. Oakland Raiders Used when showing the halftime highlights
Top Gear (UK) Used as the background music in an episode in 2013
Saturday Night Live, season 38 episode 3 (6/10/12) Muse performed
Follow Me MLB - 2012 National League Championship Series Used as the background music for the pre-game show
SportsCenter Played at the end of the show during a mash of highlights
World War Z Official Soundtrack
Liquid State NFL - Week 13: Houston Texans vs. Tennesse Titans Used when going to commercials
Trailer for Crysis 3 Watch the trailer here
The 2nd Law: Unsustainable BBC - Formula 1 2012 - What a Year Orchestral section used for the highlights of the start of the Brazilian Grand Prix
The 2nd Law: Isolated System World War Z Official Soundtrack

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