Status Super-Vintage GP

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Status Super-Vintage GP
Status Super-Vintage GP
Manufacturer Status Graphite
Used 2011-08-26
Body type Semi-Solid
Neck joint Bolt-on, Woven Graphite
Body covering High Gloss lacquer on neck and body
Wood Alder with book-matched Maple top
Bridge Unknown
Electronics Master volume and pick-up balance
Pickup(s) Hum canceling P/J Pick-ups
Special circuits Two-band E.Q.

Chris has been seen using a Status Graphite Super-Vintage GP at both Reading and Leeds festivals 2011. This bass took the place of the Noah Guitars Excalibur bass for Undisclosed Desires and took the place of the Rickenbacker for Knights of Cydonia. The Super Vintage GP can also be seen sitting in the rack behind Chris in the studio for The 2nd Law.

Used for: