St Mary the Virgin, Bathwick

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St Mary the Virgin, Bathwick

Is a Church located in the United Kingdom

The church was constructed by the Pulteney family, who used it to replace the medieval parish church of St Mary's, Bathwick, that was demolished in 1818

Recording Megalomania

According to John Leckie: "Matt always wanted a real church organ on the track. I thought well that's no problem, we just find a church. But because we were at Real World studios which is in Bath, we actually jumped in the car, managed to get an introduction to the choir master at Wells Cathedral, and went in there while it was choir practice, spoke to the guy and like, all we wanted to do was use the organ as an overdub, and of course the guy thought we were going to be recording some classical music, some Bach, or something, and who was going to play it, and Matt of course says "well I am," and he sort of looks at him and says "oh yeah, sure" y'know, so it was all of the vibe was all a bit strange and we got in the car, drove back a little bit depressed because it was too awesome, too overpowering the idea of recording this massive organ, and as we drove back through Bath, Matthew's saying "there must be a church with an organ - look, there's a church! let's stop there, I'll bet they've got an organ." So we drew into this church about 7 o'clock one evening, walked straight into the church and there was a guy playing the organ. Matthew went straight up to him and said, "can I have a go?" And the guy says certainly. Matthew sat down and started playing this huge church organ, in St Mary's church in Bath, right in the centre of Bath."[1]

Bellamy has described the recording of megalomania, as a "dark moment" in his life. The vicar of the church insisted on seeing the lyrics to the song before allowing them to use the organ, although none had yet been written for the song. Bellamy proceeded to write out some "positive", "nice" lyrics for him and he allowed them to record the song.[1] When requesting permission to play one of the biggest church organs in Europe in order to finish recording the song, the priest at the church asked to see the lyrics to the song to ensure the band weren't devil worshippers.

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