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Howard uses different percussive instruments. Such as:

  • Shakers. Attached to his right hand stick for live performances of City of Delusion, it was also used on Endlessly. Sometimes this is played by Morgan Nicholls.
  • Balafon. A west African Xylophone which can be seen on Hullabaloo DVD (Disc 1) during Screenager.
  • Animal bones, and even llama toe nails were used for the unique drum sounds heard on Screenager, aside from rim shots on beats 2 and 4.
  • 11" Ribbon Crasher (and a 15" on certain occasions). Mounted over his Ride cymbal and next to his 12" rack tom now a days. Can be heard on Megalomania, Apocalypse Please, Time Is Running Out and the B-side Eternally Missed, as well as live versions of Hysteria. It is also quite audible in the Helsinki Jam.
  • Hang. This can be heard on the intro for Falling Away With You. It works like a steel drum that is played with the fingertips, thumbs and the heel of the palm.[1] Dom can be seen recording the intro on the Making of Absolution Documentary DVD.
  • Timpani. Dom uses in live performances the timpani at the beginning of Exogenesis: Symphony Pt. 1 Overture; He also used it on Knights of Cydonia and Supremacy
  • Tambourine. Matt and Dom used it on Endlessly while recording.
  • Tablas. Used on Animals

Dom Howard describes the Hang: "A thing that looks like a cross between a barbeque and a flying saucer. It's like an inverted metal drum with a pentatonic C scale on the top that you tap with your hands. It's made by this company called PANArt. It's a really cool sounding instrument that's pleasurable to play and so relaxing as well."[2]



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