Peavey EVH Wolfgang

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Peavey EVH Wolfgang
Matt and his one of his Peaveys live at the Astoria
Peavey EVH Wolfgang
Manufacturer Peavey
Used 1999–2000
Body type Solid
Neck joint Bolt-on (graphite reinforced sculpted joint)
Body covering black
Wood Body: basswood with arched maple top
Neck: birds-eye maple
Fingerboard: birds-eye maple
Bridge Peavey Floyd Rose licensed double locking tremolo with D-tuner
Electronics One volume, two tone, three-way pickup selector
  • Neck/bridge: Humbuckers designed to Edward Van Halen's specifications
  • Roland GK2 MIDI pickup
Special circuits Roland GK2 MIDI pickup internal kit

Bellamy used this Van Halen model during the 1999 and 2000 Showbiz tours. Has 22 frets with a scale length of 25 1/2". This guitar was destroyed in 2000 and thrown into the crowd where a photographer got it. In 2003 it was sold on eBay and subsequently repaired.[1] The person who repaired it later sold it on eBay on the 26th December 2007.[1][2]

Bellamy supposedly had two of these guitars; one completely covered in black tape and one partially covered in grey tape.

This Guitar Sold for £5,326.02 on eBay, on the 28th January 2008.[2] However the buyer received a higher offer and was sold to a collector in the UK outside of eBay.[3]

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