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"Oli Metcalfe pictured with muse at BH&R 2007 Rehersals"

Oli Metcalfe is the Lighting Designer for Muse's productions as well as the designer of the productions themselves. He has been with then since the early days.


He has recently won an award at the 2012 TPi Awards as 'Lighting Designer' of the Year, in recognition of his efforts noticably for the 2012 "Reading & Leeds Festivals"


  • "Light and video, mutually choreographed by Metcalfe and Kirk, provides a homogenous presentation, cinematic in its scale".[1]
  • "With only four days of production rehearsals for lighting at Milton Keynes Bowl for the stadium leg of the tour, Metcalfe did all his lighting patching, grouping and block programming in an ESP Vision visualiser and pre-programmed the Catalysts as far as possible, so was able to rock up with a bit of a head start.
    Metcalfe is a one person design package, producing all his own CAD drawings and renders, right from the earliest visuals presented to the band even before the tour starts germinating, and seeing the show right through the design to programming and operation."[1]


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