Misa Kitara

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Misa Kitara
Chris playing the Kitara in "Madness"
Matt using the Kitara
Manufacturer Misa
Used 2012
Body type Plastic
Neck joint Unknown
Body covering Unknown
Wood n/a
Bridge None
Electronics Unknown
Pickup(s) None - Uses Multi Touch LCD Screen
Special circuits MIDI out
Multi-Voice synth
Linux Operating System


This guitar is was first seen being used by Matt in a picture tweeted from Tom Kirk. The kitara can be seen being used by Chris in the music video for Madness. When live, instead of this guitar by itself, he's using a Status Kitara Doubleneck Bass, which is housing a modified version of this guitar for Chris to be able to play more sounds.

Songs used for

Madness (recording)

Break It To Me (recording)

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