Magic Mushrooms

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A magic 'shroom.

Muse are well known for their antics when indulging in some mushrooms.

Most of the sessions for Origin of Symmetry were famously recorded when they were 'shroomed up.

There is a scene in the Hullabaloo Extras, when Dom and Matt were seen in a store with little plastic bags of "Magic Mushrooms", and later, a scene of mushrooms cooking.

It appears that they have cut back in recent years but Matt Bellamy did state in an interview with Q magazine: "The magic mushrooms have made a bit of a comeback recently."

In the same interview with Q, Matt described a recent 'trip' on a bouncy castle at a Las Vegas fancy dress party in which he merged into a Salvador Dali painting. Bellamy said: "Dom had a dog mask on and he ran off into the desert and I ran after him. For a minute I was actually in a Salvador Dali painting. If you look at his painting 'The Elephants', I was the little person at the bottom of those elephants' legs". Matt also claimed that the use of psychedelic mushrooms helps to "open new doorways".