Incheon Songdo Dae Woo Motors Field 2007 (gig)

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Poster design
Lineup as of May 2007
Muse show
Venue Songdo Dae Woo Motors Field[1] (Pentaport Rock Festival)[source?]
Date 29th July 2007[1][2][3][source?]
Location Incheon[source?]
Country South Korea
Songs 16[4][source?]
Support The Chemical Brothers,[5] Damien Rice,[5] Ash[5][source?]
Start (UTC+9) Unknown
Capacity 15,000[6][source?]
Price 88,000 (1 day ticket),[7] 132,000 (2 days),[7] 165,000 (3 days) KRW[7][source?]
Sold out? Unknown

Tickets went on sale 17th May at 14:00.[7]

The set was delayed by 50 minutes and lasted for 90 minutes.[8]


Four songs were broadcast and can be found here



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