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Busy Answering Questions


On the 26th September Muse staged a twitter Q and A session for promoting their new album The 2nd Law. This was announced on the main site on Monday 24th Sept. Fans had to use the Twitter hashtag "#AskMuse", and any of those that caught their eye in the flurry of tweets were replied to.

The AskMuse session was supposed to start at 19:00 BST but had another 30 minutes added to the clock, the session lasted approx 45 minutes.

Still Working Answering questions

Heres a transcript of the the Questions that Matt, Dom and Chris answered questions to:

Question From Question Answer Answered By
@showbizcitizen Trying to concentrate on #AskMuse while watching Emmerdale is not easy :) why the hell are you watching emmerdale n/a
@GeorgeBrooks3 chris do you like cats I love cats but I'm allergic to them. Holding a cat is an instant asthma attack Chris
@DancinInTheDMZ Was there ever a point in your career where you felt like you were going nowhere and were wasting your time? #askmuse maybe playing in the Camborne centre in 1995 to 3 people. C x Chris
@_MUSE_FAN_1990_ will we hear Bing's heart beat in the live show!? #followme Not sure yet, Dom keeps speeding song up, so may not work! M Matt
@mawwiek Chris, how did you feel when you sang live for the 1st time? really nervous, excited and I had uncontrollable shakes. C x Chris
@_MUSE_FAN_1990_ does Dom have blonde hair, or has he dyed it? (on Jools it looked brown) He dyes his roots because he thinks it covers his baldness insecurities. Matt (most likely)
@OllieShip How high was Matt when he decided to throw a horn section into Panic Station? I was stone cold sober! I promise ;) M Matt
@RageNLoveMuser I've noticed Dom's eyebrows are like literally right above his eyes. Wait... What eyebrows? He shaves his hairs I believe. He likes to be smooth and grease himself up in he mirror often. M Matt
@audiotaco Of all the songs you've played live from The 2nd Law, whic is your fav. to play? #askmuse For me it's Supremacy. C x Chris
@GeorgeBrooks3 Dom do you like cats yes of course and dogs.. Mostly Dom
@DeadDementia Chris, don't be ever, ever nervous again about your songs! They're amazing! Thankyou very much. I'll bear that in mind next time. C x Chris
@_thenightowl What was it like, Chris, writing & singing your own lyrics? What was it like for the others to witness something so personal? it was a bit weird but it's a great way to express your soul Chris
@Axy_D what is your biggest regret when you look back at your whole carreer ? What would you change if you could do it ? @muse making our first video for UNO. Wore a terrible Vegas style shirt! n/a
@Cdt1202 Do you miss old muse? You know... Origin of symmetry, absolution, showbiz... :) #askmuse They're in my heart and soul along with all out music. Matt #AskMuse Matt
@RageNLoveMuser I've noticed Dom's eyebrows are like literally right above his eyes. Wait... What eyebrows? yep! Don't have any.. Dom ?
@titophie Chris will you play Liquid State in live during the tour? in France for example :) #ASKMUSE #askmuse I think so. I just need to learn to sing and play at the same time. C x Chris
@MuserVasiliki Will you play unsustainble live at some point? #askmuse track was written as an intro to concert - will make a lot more sense live, probably track I am most excited about M #AskMuse Matt
@connorstroup have you ever been to africa? And would you only South Africa so far. Hopefully we will get to go to a lot of new places over the next couple of years n/a
@Hypermuse6 What are you guys laughing at on the front cover of Kerrang? #askmuse I think I was whispering insults to Matt right into his ear.. Dom
@SmileyLonDom Dom, do u want to marry me! x) *kidding* #askmuse oh ok then ;) Dom
@katbrinkworth #askmuse what is the most exotic thing you would ever do on stage? Dom keeps trying to set up a stripper pole on his drum kit (can also use for percussion). That would exotic. M #AskMuse Matt
@Inn0centRomance favourite album? pet sounds. C x Chris
@musewiki if you were to add a brass section to an existing non brass song what would it be? Stockholm Syndrome M #AskMuse Matt
@EasilyA_Muser Dom what was your reaction when you read Matt's tweet about your previous name? #askmuse Matt grew his long after I ask him to join my band so that says it all. Dom
@CydoniaHype any chance Dom will grow a moustache for Movember? #askmuse he really should. Would be hilarious. C x Chris
@yeahitsjames If each of you had to choose a song to cover for say, a future b-side, what would you choose? #askmuse Would love to do 'Vienna' by Ultravox. M #AskMuse Matt
@099722 Dom when are we going to marry ? If no same question to tom if no same question to bing if no same question to hendrix I've not heard of a married dog before?! Dom
@MegaJoMania Matt, is it easier writing personal songs or political ones? Political - looking inwards is harder than pointing the finger at others. M #AskMuse Matt
@Jessychickin Chris, was using the kaoss-pad-bass (I can't remember the name) challenging as opposed to just the bass guitar? it's a really tricky instrument to play as its actually made for guitar players. #askmuse Chris
@FuturisMuse12 Do you know yet who will be supporting you on the upcoming tour? Joy Formidable, a few others TBC M #AskMuse Matt
@audiotaco Of all the songs you've played live from The 2nd Law, whic is your fav. to play? #askmuse supremacy was great in cologne and on jools holland last night. Madness is fun too. #AskMuse n/a
@DeadSander why did you choose for the beautiful actress in the madness video? It was Anthony Mandler's idea. He has a thing for beautiful women which is strange. M #AskMuse Matt
@mkatieultra Why does Dom like leopard print so much? #AskMuse just love those big cats! #ASKMUSE Dom
@Joeb454 I think one question people need to #ASKMUSE is what did the beach boys think of their performance on Later? Mike Love looked like he was into panic station. C x #askmuse. Chris
@mcfcDarby Jam Tarts and a Cup of Tea, wouldn't that make this hour better? yes it would. # askmuse n/a
@Kitsulie if you weren't playing music, what would you be doing? Risk adjustor for an insurance company. Scuba diver. BBC news anchor. Dom's drum tech. M #AskMuse Matt
@Anasthesia What is your favorite movie of all time ? #askmuse pulp fiction. Always genius every time I see it. #AskMuse n/a
@isamartina Matt, what's the worst song you've ever written? (if there is any) #askmuse Execution commentary. M #AskMuse Matt
@PlugInStarlight What made you think of The Law of Thermodynamics as album concept? #AskMuse Jeremy Paxman had a panel of guests discussing euro crisis. Someone said 'the laws of physics make economy based on endless growth unsustainable' . hit the nail on the head. but its possible, just need energy revolution M #AskMuse Matt
@yakhunt Which of you can push the most hard boiled eggs (shelled) up thier arse in a minute? #askmuse Dom presumably not Dom
@Kitsulie How do you make yourselves feel better when you're feeling down? Realise that you cannot control everything. Enjoy the chaos. n/a
@EastLokiNowhere Got any plans for your tour? (Like, weird surprises you're going to do such as dress up as giraffes?) I'm trying to get Dom to wear a Ninja costume for Uprising. I think he may have fallen for it. Amazing. M #AskMuse Matt
@amyxina what is your favourite TV show? :) House. Breaking Bad. Game of Thrones. M #AskMuse Matt
@benlyingtous is world trending, how do you guyz feel? @muse Very trendy. n/a
@IdiotMuser do you sing your own songs in the shower? Yes. I do pre gig warmups in the shower. M #AskMuse Matt
@JuanmaLizarraga what 2nd law unsustainable means? from thermodynamics.In an isolated system,entropy can only increase. So lets get together man, less isolation!#AskMuse n/a
@Blakeetaylor Favourite festival to headline at Glastonbury or reading? #askmuse Love glastonbury as it's Westcountry and near Stone'enge. But playing Origin at Reading was great too. M #AskMuse Matt
@glitterategobox Will you play any songs from Showbiz on your tour? #askmuse I'm routing for Muscle Museum to come back. We nearly played Sunburn in rehearsals today but gave up after a couple of bars n/a
@Jaco1999 @MattBellamy i heard u are coming to Rome next year for a gig in a stadium is it true? Ps supremacy best track on #the2ndlaw Hopefully. Looking at the RomA Olympic Stadium. M #AskMuse Matt
@KurtNobain How long did it take you to get the French vocals right in I Belong to You? #askmuse I don't think they are right - my prononciation is terrible!! M #AskMuse Matt
@PwoperKeth Matt, your rebel tooth is too distracting It's a wonky old number. May get a brace! haha M #AskMuse Matt
@zoehu #AskMuse can any of you dance? Matts dancing is hilarious. Full embarrassing dad style! #askmuse Dom
@Chiara_Hudson97 @muse #askmuse your favourite pet? I had a sharpei called Brian once. He was so god damn cute. n/a
@loststatedance #askmuse cottage pie or shepards pie? I am a shepherd. M #AskMuse Matt
@sanjeeevi Who is your favorite Game Of Thrones character? Tyrion is genius. M #AskMuse Matt
@lady_weetly Dom, Matt, Chris: What are your favorite video games? Do you recommend any of your favorites? #askmuse Fifa 12 C x #AskMuse Chris
@RajceP Are you looking forward to play your first legit gig in Prague? :) #askmuse Yes finally. Been wanting to play there for years. Beautiful city. n/a
@crazybobbles #askmuse will you ever play Falling away with you live? ever? Not sure. May play 'Falling Down' from Showbiz at some point. m #AskMuse Matt
@MusersOfMuse @muse @CTWolstenholme Chris, your voice is wonderful! #AskMuse Thankyou. C x #askmuse Chris
@claraarp__ When are you coming to Spain? #askmuse About two weeks. n/a
@hazelfear @muse another gig in teignmouth possible ? maybe on a big Muse anniversary. C x #AskMuse Chris
@_Happy_Cow #AskMuse are you gonna make an album kinda like Hullabaloo? With b-sides and stuff? Hope to do another live DVD of the next tour. M #AskMuse Matt
@Forameus #ASKMUSE The first space gig, is it still plan ? Yeah.. Still working on Branson and Elon Musk to let us borrow a spaceship. n/a
@redbullcat any superstitions before playing live? Yes. I always need Tom K to say "have a good gig guys". Whenever he hasn't said that, shit goes down. M #AskMuse Matt
@TouchtheSpindle @muse would you play a gig round a fans house , not for money but for a competition? #askmuse That would be awesome! #askmuse n/a
@Loutrengen What is your favorite element of the periodic table? Helium-3 M #AskMuse Matt
@Pulp_Fictionist #askmuse Chris, what does your tattoo mean? they are the names of my kids and wife. I have two left to get. #AskMuse Chris
@liliananyappy what is the meaning of life @muse #AskMuse As our minds expand and evolve, so does the universe. Biocentrism. But, 'Meaning' is also a brain construct.. M #AskMuse Matt
@LucyCobain7 @muse Panic Station reminds me of Thriller by Michael Jackson. Is a kind of tribute or influence??? Yeah in some ways. That song reminded us a lot about our youth. Amongst other things Jacko was apart of the musical journey.. n/a
@Meshican Where did Chris get the bass with the led inlays, and the kaoss bass? Is there a place we can buy them, or are they custom made? they are custom made. The top half is called a Kitara. I just had it attached to one of my custom basses. Chris
@JohnTheFrog_ #askmuse matt when you first started singing was it really embarrassing? how did you get over it? I remember the day he got over that though. '95 in the Cavern Club. n/a
@everyone BYE! n/a